PAC Executive Board Of Directors

Alan Scott Hughes - President

William C. Mann - Vice President

William E. Hill - Vice President

Frank Oliver - Vice President

Joyce D. Hill - Secretary and Treasurer

PAC Board Members at Large

A. Scott Hughes - Executive Director, STRYKE Ensembles

John W. Campese - Executive Director, INFINITY Ensembles

Kendall Montie - INFINITY Ensemble Director

Osman F. 'Cisco' Hance - STRYKE Percussion Ensemble Director

Eric P. Dunn - STRYKE Wynds Ensemble Co-Director

Larry N. Byington - INFINITY 2 Ensemble Director

Laura Antoni-Beard - ANCIENT CITY Director

Jean D. Augustin - STRYKE Percussion 2 Ensemble Director

Jonathan Tirado - INFINITY 3 Ensemble Director

Paul G. Sauberer - STRYKE Winterguard Ensemble Co-Director

Nicole D. Darby-Ramirez - STRYKE Winterguard Ensemble Co-Director

What is PAC?

PAC stands for Pageantry Arts Concepts, Inc., an IRSC 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization. STRYKE is an affiliate of PAC, Inc. The main purpose of Pageantry Arts Concepts, Inc. is to remain an advocate and driving force for the advancement of the visual arts through performance and competition at local, regional and national levels; to provide an opportunity for our community's youth between the ages of 12 - 22 to further their knowledge and ability in a professional setting. Whereby providing a high quality of education for its members focusing on the self-development of dedication, leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship and increasing their skill level and self-esteem.