Drum Miami is an Annual Summer Project founded by Jared Michelson and Grant Rittenberg. Their goal is simple, improve the lives of other students through the art of drumming. Since 2013, they have put together a team of students to volunteer at local summer camps and help underprivileged students learn how to drum. 

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History of Drum Miami

In 2013, Jared began this idea when he wanted to share his passion for drumming with other students that never had the opportunity he had growing up. He contacted local County Parks and Recreation Department to offer his services. He later found out that the Park and Recs Dept. never offered such a service, and this would be the first experience for many students to learn how to drum and play music. He was very excited about the opportunity, and invited his schoolmates to volunteer with him. Now, what started off with just teaching one summer camp location, has grown to teaching over 60 students at three summer camp locations.

Drum Miami and STRYKE

When STRYKE learned about Drum Miami, we knew they would be a great fit to our mission to the south florida community. Since 2016, STRYKE and Drum Miami have partnered up together to expand the simple idea that was started in 2013.  We wanted to bring support and awareness to this project through our resources, as well as giving our own STRYKE Performers an outlet to share their knowledge and passion for percussion performance.   

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Get INVOLVED with Drum Miami 

Drum Miami is an inspiring service powered by students for students. We are always looking for students with music experience looking to volunteer and teach in return for Community Service Hours. Volunteer in time between June 20th and August 4th.

We are also seeking generous donors and supporters to help provide a better experience for these underprivileged students. Donations go towards, drumsticks, practice pads, and music resources.

If you have any questions about STRYKE or Drum Miami, click on the link to Contact us today!

Drum Miami recognized at the Broward Star Time Talent Showcase in 2015