Meet the 2017 SP2 Staff

After earning PIA Gold in their inaugural season, STRYKE Percussion 2 is excited to get back to work for another exciting season! Get to know the SP2 Staff for the 2017 season.

(From Left to Right)

Danny Augustin - Director, Program Coordinator

Ryan Ross - Director, Music Caption head, Front Ensemble Coordinator

Ike Jackson - Show Design, Drill Writer, Battery Arranger

Bryan Nungaray - Front Ensemble Arranger

Denis Gomez - Battery Caption Head

Sean McNulty - Battery Coordinator

Justin Samuels - Visual Coordinator

Beethoven Arnett - Battery Tech

Dan Morales - Battery Tech

Brayan Gomez - Battery Tech

Luis Aguilar - Cymbal Tech

Gio Bastante - Front Ensemble Tech

Delisa Rufus - Front Ensemble Tech

Ivan Trac - Front Ensemble Consultant

Jacques Bernard - Visual Tech