In Review: STRYKE Summer Clinic 2016

On July 16th, STRYKE had their annual Summer Clinic. Over 150 students came to participate in their Percussion, Winds, and Wintergaurd Clinics taking place that day. It was an exciting event, and we want to thank all the students who participated. 

Take a look at our Summer Clinic album to see the day's activities!

We would like to thank our sponsors, Zildjian, Vic Firth, and Remo who made this clinic special for all the students that participated.  

Stay tuned for our next event, the STRYKE17 Audition/Clinic, which will start on September 18th!

Who to Watch for: DCI 2016

As the 2016 DCI Season kicks off this Thursday, we will be spotlighting some of our very own members and staff as they tour the nation with their selected Drum Corps this year. STRYKE will be represented in over ten DCI Ensembles this season! Here is who to watch for...

Carolina Crown

  • Josh Guttveg (SPW Synth); This will be his fourth year in DCI, and second year with Crown, aging-out on Synth.
  • Randall Pierrot (SPW Tenors); This will be his rookie and age out year performing on tenors.
  • Nick Skinner (SW Music Tech); This will be his third year performing on Trumpet with Crown.
  • Paula Monique (SW Music Caption Head); This will be her second year working on the Brass Staff for Crown.


  • Nicole Oliva (SW Baritone); This will be her second year marching in DCI, first year marching with the Bluecoats.
  • Malik Neille (SW Trumpet); This will be his rookie year marching in DCI.
  • Jason 'Paco' Nunes (SW Program Coordinator); This will be his second year working on the Visual Team of the Blue Coats.

The Cadets

  • Adam Kuffner (SP2 Visual tech); and will be his third and age-out year performing on trumpet with the Cadets.
  • Joshua Brenneis (SW Visual Tech); This is his second year on the visual staff for the Cadets.

Santa Clara Vanguard

  • Daniel Riley (SWG Drill Designer); This will be his second year as Caption Manager for SCV.
  • Jason Ciesla (SWG Choreographer); this will be his second year working as a Colorguard Tech for SCV.

Phantom Regiment

  • Franco Flores (SPW Cymbals); This will be his third year in DCI, and second year marching contra for Phantom Regiment.

Boston Crusaders

  • Adam Khan (SPW Cymbals); this will be his second year marching Contra.
  • Eddy Falcon (SPW Program Coordinator); Eddy will be taking on the new role as the Visual Caption Manger.
  • Matt Rusnak (SPW Visual Tech)
  • Johnny Miller (SPW Visual Tech)


  • Sofia Friederwitzer (SW Mellophone); This will her rookie year, marching trumpet for Troopers.


  • Christopher Baños (SPW Bass Tech); This will be his first year as a Bass Tech for the Colts.

The Academy

  • Justin Adams (SPW Snare); This will be his rookie year marching in DCI on Snare.
  • CIsco Hance (SPW Battery Arranger and Caption Head); This will be his second year teaching for the Academy as Percussion Manger.
  • Nathan Skinner (SPW Front Ensemble Arranger); This will his his first year teaching at the Academy.

Heat Wave (Open Class)

  • Zachary Langstaff (SP2 Tenors); This will be his first year marching tenors in DCI.
  • Ximena Rivas (SPW Marimba); This will be her first year marching tenors in DCI.

Legends (Open Class)

  • Jose Grosfeld (SW Contra); This will be his rookie year with Legends.

#MotivationMonday; Improve Your Sight-Reading Skills!

As the school year comes to a close and summer rolls out, STRYKE wants to motivate you to to get better during your summer break! As part of #MotivationMonday, we will be sharing articles, tutorials, and resources every monday during the summer.

We kick-off #MotivationMonday with a game, but not just any game, a Speed Note Reading Game. 

"If you’ve ever wanted to get faster at reading keyboard music (and who doesn’t?), then the “Speed Note Reading Tutor” is for you! Designed to reinforce note-naming and ‘key finding’ skills, this computer game is a fun way for beginning–intermediate students to get repetitive practice, while trying to ‘beat the clock’ and score as many points as possible."

This game was developed by Mark Wessel of Vic Firth Inc, to help students develop better sight-reading skills in a fun and encouraging environment. Put your sight-reading skills to the test and see how far you can go. Click here to get started!

Don't forget, our Annual Summer Clinic is July 16th! Click here to learn more about it!

STRYKE 2016 Banquet

On Sunday May 15th, STRYKE members and family arrived to a beautiful custom decorated banquet to celebrate the 2016 season. The room was filled with purple balloons, streamers, custom table clothes, and even our very own custom STRYKE podium. All of the decorations were graciously donated by the Origins Colorguard. The DJ set the mood and got the party started. Everyone was severed a home cooked meal provided by the Coletto family, as well as drinks and dessert provided by our awesome STRYKE Parents.

As everyone settled into their tables, the awards presentation began. Each director of the four STRYKE ensembles presented their awards for the 2016 season. Here are the results of the awards.

STRYKE Winterguard Awards

  • Most Improved Flag - Nicole Gimmler
  • Most Improved Weapon - Savannah Wilson
  • Best Flag Performer - Joey Cassell
  • Best Weapon Performer - Brandon Chiucchi
  • Member of the Year - Ashley Wood

STRYKE Percussion 2 Awards

  • Commitment Award - Shane McGee
  • Teamwork Award - Katie Miller
  • Most Improved Visual - Zachary Langstaff
  • Most Improved Music (Battery) - Joseph Meacham
  • Most Improved Music (Front Ensemble) - Camilla Lin
  • Best Visual Performer - Kevin Molina
  • Best Musical Performer (Battery) - Tripp Jones
  • Best Musical Performer (Front Ensemble) - Dejur Kirnon
  • Rookie of the Year - Alex Motsenbocker
  • Member of the Year - Derek Watson

STRYKE Wynds Awards

  • Most Improved Visual - Melanie Trump
  • Most Improved Music (Woodwinds) - Kelby Fredrick
  • Most Improved Music (Brass) - Steven Cruz
  • Best Visual Performer - Josh Hogan
  • Best Musical Performer - Joella Dunn
  • Rookie of the Year - Josh Daniels
  • Member of the Year - Chip Collier

STRYKE Percussion Awards

  • Commitment Award - Aolani Santiago
  • Teamwork Award - Zoe Giordano
  • Most Improved Visual - Andee Jones
  • Most Improved Music (Battery) - Mason McCall
  • Most Improved Music (Front Ensemble) - Alejandro Tanquero
  • Best Visual Performer - Beethoven Arnett
  • Best Musical Performer (Battery) - Stanley Dessalines
  • Best Musical Performer (Front Ensemble) - Jonathan McGrath
  • Rookie of the Year - Adam Khan
  • Member of the Year - Adam Hatfield

The STRYKE Charm

Each individual from each ensemble was presented with the very first ever STRYKE Charm. This is a new tradition that is only given to ensemble members. 


The 2016 STRYKE Ageouts

From left to right:  Alex Siegelman    (SPW),    Bjorn Roland    (SPW),    Zoe Giordano    (SPW),    Michael Roddis    (SPW),    Beethoven Arnett    (SPW),    Jon White    (SPW),    Adam Hatfield    (SPW),    Samantha Woodward    (SWG). Not present:    Kevin Bien-Aime    (SP2)

From left to right: Alex Siegelman (SPW), Bjorn Roland (SPW), Zoe Giordano (SPW), Michael Roddis (SPW), Beethoven Arnett (SPW), Jon White (SPW), Adam Hatfield (SPW), Samantha Woodward (SWG). Not present: Kevin Bien-Aime (SP2)

The 2016 STRYKE Ageouts were presented with a special custom made STRYKE charm, representing their time, sacrifice, and loyalty to the organization.

A Poem by Will Hill

Before the banquet came to a close, Will Hill surprised everyone when he took a moment to talk about a family member we lost, as well as what this organization meant to him. He presented us with his beautiful handwritten poem.  


 "DK All the Way" 

(A tribute to Dan Kohlmann, and the Stryke Members he loved)

Allow your light to shine for an Audience
Bring GOOD to your performance
For THIS is the purest bright, people will see

To those who aspire to be in your SEAT
The light pierces the lens, with the halo of...
It Could be ME...
As they study Your Technique, 
their vision and dreams, begin to arrive complete. 

For those once Standing in your Spot
Their memories are laced with, a MUCH bigger SHOT!
As they stand and see your Light
It is the distance it covers,
that makes them FEEL right.

At the CORE of your shine
There is a RESPONSIBILITY to the Source of your dime
They watch and listen, with fear and trepidation
Soon they realize, your light is bright and CLEAR
Their Pridefull Heart swells
The GOOD in You, was developed here. 

At the fringe and depth of darkness
Your light reaches to the crest of a NEW Horizon
Continue to bring GOOD to those you touch
It will become your LEGACY
For that, you can always TRUST  

-Will Hill

The banquet concluded with a fantastic video produced by Kellie McDaniel, capturing the moments of the 2016 season. There was no better way to end the evening, showing all the joy and hard work the members put into making this an incredible season for the entire STRYKE organization.

We would like to once again thank the Origins Colorguard and all of the STRYKE Parents that made this banquet a special experience for the members to have. We couldn't have done this without you, THANK YOU!

In Review: WGI World Championships

Another exciting WGI season has come and gone.  The STRYKE organization had four ensembles hit the road to Dayton, OH to compete in the 2016 WGI World Championships!

SWG performing in Prelims at the Dayton Convention Center

SWG performing in Prelims at the Dayton Convention Center

STRYKE’s WGI Championships began with the newly formed STRYKE Winterguard competing at the WGI Championships for the first time ever.  It's easy to say they had the time of their life as they performed their show "The Lonely Road" in the WGI Championship events and experienced the activity from a national/international level.  Though they didn't qualify into Semifinals, the Directors and staff were extremely proud of what this group was able to accomplish in its inaugural season.  The STRYKE and PAC organization is thrilled to have this ensemble represent them in the WGI Colorguard segment of the activity.  The future looks bright for STRYKE Winterguard and the members can't wait for the next season to start!

SPW rehearsing at the Hara Arena on Tuesday night

SPW rehearsing at the Hara Arena on Tuesday night

As the Winterguard Championship week concluded, the Percussion and Winds Championship week was just getting started.  STRYKE Percussion (SPW), STRYKE Percussion 2 (SP2) and STRYKE Wynds (SW) all hit the road to Dayton with focus and determination.  STRYKE Percussion arrived to Dayton on Tuesday and went straight to work at the Hara Arena.  They worked extremely hard as they prepared for their Prelims performance of their show “Only One” on Thursday at the University of Dayton Arena.  SPW advanced in to Semifinals but did not qualify for the PIW Finals.  The Ensemble Director, David Yunis, addressed the group that night following the news.

"We sometimes forget that the 'competition' is the medium of this activity but what we get out of this is more than a placement and a score.  After the years go by, no one will remember your show or score, but the moments and memories you created with each other will personally last you a lifetime.  Now, more than ever, you will know what it means to be part of the STRYKE Family."

SPW learned a valuable lesson on Friday.  They held their chin up high and rallied behind their brothers and sisters actively helping and cheering on SP2 as they watched them perform in the PIA Finals and then Saturday doing the same with SW in their Winds Prelims.

SP2 taking photos after earning Gold and Fan Favorite in PIA. 

SP2 taking photos after earning Gold and Fan Favorite in PIA. 

STRYKE Percussion 2 entered the 2016 WGI season in its inaugural year with high hopes.  They began their WGI Championships with a Prelim performance on Thursday afternoon in Millett Hall at Miami University.  The energy ran high and the ensemble had a strong performance of their show "Red" which not only resulted in a first place finish, but qualified them for Finals.  On Friday night they prepared for their final performance of the season in the University of Dayton arena.  As the curtain pulled back, SP2 was greeted with howls and cheers from their brothers and sisters of SPW and SW. The 'wolf pack' put on their best performance of the season keeping them on top of the PIA classification and earned them a first place finish.  SP2 is the first ensemble in the STRYKE organization to capture the gold; in addition to first place, they were also voted the 2016 Fan Favorite of the PIA division.

But wait…’s not over yet!

SW taking photos after earning Gold and Fan Favorite in WIO. 

SW taking photos after earning Gold and Fan Favorite in WIO. 

The week continued with STRYKE Wynds' Prelims performance on Saturday at the Nutter Center at Wright State University.  The ensemble was calm and cool and took control of the floor with their performance of "DéjàVu".  They took a commanding lead placing them in 1st place.  The scenario was no different on Sunday at the UD Arena as they ended in 1st place in the WIO classification and also captured the 2016 Fan Favorite in the Independent Winds category.  Some people can say that STRYKE experienced "Déjà vu" as both ensembles earned gold medal placements and their respective Fan Favorites.  Get it?

Overall, we are extremely proud and humbled as all four of our ensembles represented the growth of the South Florida community in all three areas (Colorguard, Percussion and Winds).  We can't wait to see what the future holds for these ensembles and the South Florida community!

STRYKE would like to thank and congratulate all the ensembles that performed in the WGI World Championships this year.  The activity and community continues to grow stronger and we are proud to be a part of it!  We would also like to thank WGI for putting together one of the best performance experiences possible.

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners that made this season incredible for all four of our groups.  And a special thank you to all the parents, staff, volunteers and donors that contributed to the success of this organization.  Without you, this season would not have been possible.

Now that the WGI season is over, be on the lookout for the MFC Drumline at the Miami FC games during their upcoming soccer season and also be on the lookout for our Annual STRYKE Summer Camp date(s) that will be announced soon!

In Review: SFWGA Championships

Last Weekend, SFWGA held Championships at Jupiter HS. On Saturday, SWG took the floor with their strongest performance of the season receiving 2nd place. In addition to the Color-guard championship competition of Saturday night, some of our STRYKE Parents and Staff performed for the first time ever in exhibition with their newest group called "Origins" (a Senior Color-guard). This group of former color-guard performers joined together over the season and rehearsed on their own off time to put a production together. It was truly a special moment for the members of Origins as they performed to a sold-out crowd on Saturday night.

On Sunday night, Wynds, SP2 and SPW took the floor for championship competition, and all three ensembles received 1st place in their classification. Before SPW began their show, Adam Hatfield (Ensemble Leader for SPW) took a moment to speak about the most recent death of STRYKE's Family member, Dan Kohlmann. After a moment of silence, SPW dedicated their championship performance to Dan and the Kohlmann family. In addition, members wrote "DK" on their shoulder in honor of Dan Kohlmann. 

"Dan was an amazing person and a dedicated father. He will be truly missed."

This week SWG will be traveling to Dayton, OH for WGI Championships! This will be an exciting moment as they represent STRYKE for the first time ever in the Color-guard circuit. The entire organization wishes them the best of luck!

Also happening this weekend will be the debut of the MFC Drumline (Miami FC's Official Drumline) on Saturday 8pm, at FIU Stadium. And on Sunday, SP2 and SPW will be hosting their F&F Send-Off Performance at Hollywood Hills HS at 3pm. Don't miss your last chance to see them perform in South Florida.

As WGI Championships is upon us, we ask you to show your support to these hard working ensembles with a contribution to their "Road to Dayton". The cost of fuel, transportation, hotel, and member accommodations are extremely expensive and continue to grow each year. So we ask for your support with a donation/contribution towards these members to have the experience they deserve on the road to Dayton. Click here to donate now.

In Review: WGI Orlando/Southeastern Championship

Last week STRYKE traveled to Central Florida for the WGI Orlando Regional and Southeastern Championship. All four ensemble were present and ready for competition. SWG performed for the first time ever at the Southeastern Championship placing 8th in IA. STRYKE Wynds had a great performance earning them 1st place in the WIO division. SP2 made the crowd "howl" with their performance of Red, and came in 2nd in PIA. SPW added many new elements to their show Only One, including their Snap-Back Hats and new custom On2percussion slips. Each drum features a silhouette of crowd with #OnlyOne single individual highlighted in red. SPW placed in 2nd with a strong performance in finals.

Click here to see the recap of the Colorguard, Wynds, and Percussion scores.

Our final competition in Florida is the SFWGA Championship in Jupiter HS. Come show your support, as these four dedicated ensembles finish their season.

As WGI Championships is fast approaching, we ask you to show your support to these hard working ensembles with a contribution to their "Road to Dayton". The cost of fuel, transportation, hotel, and member accommodations are extremely expensive and continue to grow each year. So we ask for your support with a donation/contribution towards these members to have the experience they deserve on the road to Dayton. Click here to donate now.

In Review: SFWGA Championship Prelims

This past Saturday was the SFWGA Championship Prelims at John I. Leonard and Park Vista HS. All four ensembles had a fantastic performances. The Winterguard placed in 2nd with their performance of The Lonely Road. STRYKE Wynds earned 1st place with their performance of Déjà Vu. SP2 performed their rendition of Little Red Riding Hood "Red" earning them 1st place. STRYKE Percussion closed out the night at John I. Leonard with their performance of Only One, putting them in 1st place. 

Click here to see the Colorguard Scores, Winds Score, and Percussion Scores.

Next up, all four ensembles will be traveling to Central Florida to perform at the WGI Orlando Regional and the WGI Southeastern Championships. This will be the secound WGI Performance for all four ensembles this season. Make sure to catch them before it's too late!

In Review: WGI Boca Raton Regional

This past Saturday was the first WGI Regional of the season, and we had the best weather that South Florida has to offer.

STRYKE Wynds performed their full production of "Déjà vu" on Saturday. The ensemble closed their show by bringing the audience to the starting formation of the show making them look twice and say "Didn't I just see that?"

Click here to see a full recap of the Prelims and Finals scores.

STRYKE Percussion 2, took their story of Little Red Riding Hood to another level as the ensemble transformed themselves as the wolf pack, and debuted Little Red Riding Hood (performed by Grace Luxton.) The production of Red has a haunting  rendition of "Lady in Red" that captures the essence of the show.

Click here to see a full recap of the Prelims and Finals score.

STRYKE Percussion (PIW) closed the regional with their performance of "Only One". Their performance was electrifying from beginning to end. The climax of the show features music from Kanye West "Only One", reminding the audience of the importance of "One".

Click here to see a full recap of the Prelims and Finals scores. Also, don't forget this Sunday (March 6th) is SPW's 3rd Open rehearsal. Come by for a behind the scene look of "Only One".

You can catch these ensembles again on March 12th at the SFWGA John I. Leonard Competition. Also, on March 19th all four ensembles will be traveling to Central Florida for the Orlando WGI Regional, and the WGI Southeastern Championships. The Season is halfway over, don't miss your chance to catch these shows! 

In Review: SFWGA Olympic Heights and West Broward Performances

This Saturday was the second SFWGA performance for SPW, SP2, and SW at Olympic Heights HS. As well as the third performance for SWG at West Broward HS. SP2, SPW, and SW's earned first place and SWG earned 2nd place. View the Percussion  score recap, Winds score recap, and the Guard score recap.

SWG next performance is this Saturday at the WGI Tampa Regional. SPW, SP2 and SW's next performance is on February 27th at the WGI Boca Regional.

Don't forget! You can get a behind the scenes look at SPW's 2nd Open Rehearsal this upcoming Sunday (Feb 21st). Make sure to RSVP. 

Remember to follow us on our social media pages to see the latest footage of STRYKE!

TBT: STRYKE Entertainment At The Intercontinental Hotel!

In March of 2015, STRYKE Entertainment was commissioned by COTC Events to perform the Crowne Plaza Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel (Miami, FL). The ensemble consisted of a fifteen member Drumline (five snares, two tenors, four basses, and four cymbals.) The drumine prepared their choreography, and music weeks before the event. 

At the day of the event, the performers prepared to surprise the unexpecting audience with their exciting entrance into the conference room. As the performers made their way onto the stage, each audience participant received a custom pair of drumsticks to join in on the action. The drumline closed out the conference with their high energy performance leaving the audience thrilled and amazed.

STRYKE would like to thank COTC Events for having STRYKE Entertainment take their conference up a notch. 


If you are interested in how STRYKE Entertainment can make your next event even bigger and louder, please contact us today to find out how.

STRYKE Open Rehearsal Invitation

Have you ever wondered what goes on at a STRYKE rehearsal? Well, now's your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look of STRYKE Percussion! We are currently inviting you to three open rehearsals during the 2016 season.

This is a unique opportunity to see an Indoor Percussion Ensemble in action. Get to know the Cast and see them rehearsing their 2016 production of "Only One". 

Invitations are limited, so please RSVP to our open rehearsals asap in order to secure your invitation. 

NOTE: Filming and Photos are restricted during rehearsal. 

More than just a competition

This past Saturday (Jan. 30th) was the kickoff of the 2016 season for both percussion ensembles. It was an early performance (10:20am, and 10:30am) in South Dade Senior High School. Both ensembles performed extremely well, SP2 scored a 68.180 and SPW scored a 72.400. But on that morning, STRYKE did something more than just compete, they inspired. 

This is a FB post Jullian Rives wrote of his experience with his godson at the SFWGA Premiere.

Adam Hatfield with Alexander after the show.

Adam Hatfield with Alexander after the show.

"Today, I took my god son, Alexander, to see Stryke Percussion at the SFWGA Premiere in Homestead, FL and something beautiful happened. This was the first time Alexander had ever seen a live percussion ensemble of this caliber in person, and I made sure to bring him up close and personal to witness the magic first hand. I'll never forget the moment when Alexander first saw Stryke play through their book as I watched his eyes lock on to them and light up with excitement, the same way I did when I saw my first DCI/WGI line in person; he began tapping his feet uncontrollably while smiling and said to me "the music is making my feet move!" LOL! Afterwards, I introduced him to two of my long time friends who perform in the Stryke World ensemble, Adam Hatfield, and Mike Roddis. To my surprise, Adam went out of his way and snagged a pair of sticks from the snare section for Alexander and he couldn't have been more excited! On the ride home, Alexander told me he wanted to learn how to play, and had me give him a lesson the moment we got back to his house. I can't even explain how powerful of a moment it was for me today to see that fire burning in his eyes, and how much it motivated me to be a better percussionist and person. I want to thank Adam, Mike, and everyone involved in Stryke Percussion personally for inspiring Alexander to become a drummer, and in general, for inspiring our newest generation of percussionists. What an honor it was to witness today unfold."

Stories and experiences like this are the many reason's we do, what we do. Our organization's objective and mission strive to make this kind of impact in our South Florida community. 

Go to our Events page to find out when is STRYKE's next performance.



STRYKE Percussion 2 Presents


STRYKE Percussion 2's 2016 production of Red is the classical children's story of "Little Red Riding Hood." Only, this production is no children's story as it is told from the perspective of the Wolf.

"An obsession that started with a glance. The lady in red." 

Follow the members (The Wolf Pack) as they take you on a journey through the dark forest under a fullmoon night. As the story unfolds we find out that the Wolf isn't just after Red to satisfy his hunger. In fact, he finds himself torn between primal desires and do we dare say "love" for the crimson beauty. 

"Wherever you go, whatever you do, I'll be right here waiting for you."

Go to our Events page to find out when you can catch STRYKE Percussion 2's next performance of "Red"!

Déjà Vu

In every beginning, there is also an end.....

STRYKE WYnds presents

Déjà Vu

" feels like we've been here before..."

Suddenly, you have the overwhelming sense of familiarity. It is an illusion of having already experienced something which in fact is being experienced for the first time. A sensation which blurs the lines of possibility. 

A glimpse, a fraction of a second which challenges the integrity of the mind and body...

The 2016 edition of Stryke Wynds will explore the concept of “Deja vu” in an effort to capture the intangible feeling of such a rare moment existing in our everyday lives.  Set in a surreal, dream-like state, this journey will take you through a thematic playground of effects until finally realizing that…

.…In every end, there is also a beginning.

Go to our Events page to find out when you can catch STRYKE Wynd's next performance of "Déjà vu"!

Stryke’s #UNselfie campaign was a Success!

On #GivingTuesday STRYKE started an #UNselfie campaign to raise awareness and help collect donations. The result were incredible! The main purpose of the #UNselfie campaign was to encourage people  to take a selfies with our custom made #UNselfie sign. They would then share it on their own social media page, showing their support towards STRYKE, as well as growing awareness of STRYKE's impact in the South Florida Community. As a result, we had countless members, past and present, write their own personal testimonies about the effect that STRYKE has had on their own lives. The stories were heartfelt as well as eye opening to truly see the impact STRYKE has made.

We here at STRYKE think that the testimonies given by our members are a true representation of of what STRYKE is. So we will be adding these testimonies on our website, under our Overview page for all to see. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

We would also like to thank all the supporters that donated to us on #GivingTuesday. We greatly appreciate your contribution, and can't thank you enough for your support. We have put those donation dollars to work and were recently able to purchase some much needed equipment for our groups. 

You too can support STRYKE continue it's growth and impact in the community! Find out how you can help here. No donation is too small and your support means the world to us.

Here are some of the STRYKE #Unselfies that were posted on #GivingTuesday. Read their testimonies  here. 

Here are some of the STRYKE #Unselfies that were posted on #GivingTuesday. Read their testimonies here. 


We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more. Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving. Join us and be a part of a global celebration of a new tradition of generosity. Learn more here:

Meet Josh Brenneis, Visual Caption Head for STRYKE Wynds!

Josh Brenneis will be joining the STRYKE Education team this season as Visual Caption Head for STRYKE Wynds!

   Joshua Brenneis is a visual instructor, adjudicator and designer that works with numerous musical programs across the country.  These programs are associated with Florida Marching Band Coalition, Bands of America, Winter Guard International, and Drum Corps International.  He started in DCI as a performer with the Magic of Orlando Drum and Bugle Corps in 2004.  He later joined the ten time world champion Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps from 2006-2007 where he aged out in Pasadena California.

    Josh has been teaching several south Florida marching bands since 2007 that have been successful in the FMBC and BOA circuits.  He is currently the Visual Caption Head of Park Vista High School and Jupiter High School where both programs won FMBC State Championships in 2014. In 2013, Park Vista placed 6th in their first attempt at the Bands of America Super Regional in Atlanta Georgia.  Jupiter has made FMBC State Finals every year since 2008 when Josh first took over the visual program.

   Josh has continued his involvement in DCI (as well as WGI) as an instructor.  In 2011 he joined Teal Sound Drum and Bugle Corps out of Jacksonville Florida in their second season of world class competition.    In 2012 and 2013 he taught visual at STRYKE Percussion Ensemble as they transitioned into the world class division for WGI and will be returning back to the Stryke family working with both the indoor percussion and winds groups for 2016.  He was on the visual staff of the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps from San Antonio Texas in 2013 and 2014, where they returned to World Class Finals for the second time in 10 seasons.  In 2015 he joined the visual staff of The Cadets from Allentown Pennsylvania and is returning for 2016.

Meet Josh this Saturday at the Last Call-STRYKE Wynds Audition!

Support STRYKE with your #Unselfie!

This Tuesday is #GivingTuesday, and STRYKE needs support. Show your support with your #Unselfie. An "Unselfie" is way to show your support for STRYKE on Giving Tuesday. Take a pic, and tag it #Unselfie, #GivingTuesday, and #GivingStryke. Then, upload it to FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter from now until December 2nd.

Use our sign (PDF available below) to share your #Unselfie and support for STRYKE. Some examples of what to put on your "Unselfie" could be....

  • "I gave to STRYKE because __________________."
  • "On #GivingTuesday I gave back to STRYKE."
  • "Join me in supporting STRYKE on #GivingTuesday."

Don't forget to use Hashtags #Unselfie, #GivingTuesday, and #GivingStryke. Every dollar counts, and your support means the world to us. Thank you!

David Yunis with his STRYKE Unselfie Sign. 

David Yunis with his STRYKE Unselfie Sign. 

STRYKE Entertainment at the Best Buddies Gala

STRYKE Entertainment was called for duty this past Friday (Nov. 20th) to perform at the 19th Annual Best Buddies Gala Miami. Every year, Best Buddies invites more than 800 prominent local and international guests to gather in Miami and celebrate the Best Buddies Organization. Among the guests were, Former Miami Heat Player Alonso Morning, Actress Vivica A Fox, Former MLB Player Sammy Sosa, and Pop Artist Romero Britto.

Joey Coletto on Tenors 

Joey Coletto on Tenors 

This year's theme was “Back to School Night,” featuring college cheerleaders, mascots and of course, a DrumLine. STRYKE Entertainment produced a “Best Buddies Drum Line” specifically for this event. Our performers were fitted with traditional marching band uniforms and our drums with custom On2 Percussion slips featuring the Best Buddies logo.

The Best Buddies DrumLine began the night by greeting and dazzling guests with cadences and grooves as they arrived to the gala. As the night went on, the drum line moved into the Silent Auction Room and gave guests an elaborate and high-energy performance. Needless to say, they pumped up the crowd and got the party started. Other performances included acapella group reVoiced, and a special performance by Best Buddies Global Ambassador, Steve AokiThe Best Buddies Gala was a huge success for a great cause.

STRYKE would like to thank Al Davis and Blooming Events International for having STRYKE Entertainment make their event unique and original. We would also like to give a special thank you to On2 Percussion for designing our custom slips and taking our production up another notch.

If you are interested in how STRYKE Entertainment can make your next event even bigger and louder, contact us today to find out how.

Follow Miss Florida USA 2016 Brie Gabrielle and Miss Florida Teen USA 2016 Gracie Smith as they walk you through the Best Buddies Gala. Watch out for the Best Buddies DrumLine!