Since 2003, the STRYKE Summer (Winter for 2019) Clinic has provided hands-on instructions for young percussionists in the South Florida community. Most recently, we added a Winds and Colorguard Clinic (to be held at later dates).

Our Summer Clinic (Winter for 2019) is great oppurtunity to get hands-on instruction while participating with fellow STRYKE members, musicians and color guard people from all over the South Florida area. This is a great time for beginner, intermediate and advanced performers to enjoy being surrounded by people with the same ideas and passion for the performing arts!  The percussion students attending will rehearse and perform exercises and etudes contained in our STRYKE Summer (Fall for 2019) Clinic Packet.  Winds clinic participants will rehearse and perform exercises and musical excerpts contained in their Clinic Packet provided.  And for the Color Guard Clinic, it will include dance and all equipment exercises as well as a review as a team together at the conclusion.



This is an educational opportunity with no attachment to an audition process; simply come out and learn what STRYKE has to offer! Special Guests - BYOS

DATE: December ??, 2019


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If you have any questions about the Summer (Winter for 2019) Clinic, please feel free to Contact Us.

Participants from our 2016 Summer Clinic.

Participants from our 2016 Summer Clinic.