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In 2002, STRYKE Percussion (SPW) began as an A Class WGI independent ensemble. The initiative of the ensemble was to create a place for positive growth and development through the performing arts in the South Florida Community. In their 1st WGI Regional in 2003 they were promoted to Open Class and subsequently remained in that Class eventually receiving a Bronze Medal in 2008, then Silver Medals in 2010 & 2011. STRYKE Percussion was promoted to the WGI World Class division in 2012. In 2015 they received the coveted Fan Favorite Award for their production, "Empire State", then in 2017 repeated that with their production, “King” and in 2018, earned another with their production, “Nightmare At 30,000 Feet”.  The most important influence that affects STRYKE's success is that all members truly feel like family. We support and encourage each other and accomplish goals based on our drive to be the best we can be, as a family.


  • WGI 2018 PIW Fan Favorite Award

  • WGI 2017 PIW Fan Favorite Award

  • WGI 2015 PIW Fan Favorite Award

  • WGI 2011 PIO Silver Medalist

  • WGI 2010 PIO Silver Medalist

  • WGI 2008 PIO Bronze Medalist

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