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STRYKE is always incredibly thankful and honored to have amazing supporters throughout the years. Thank you very much for your support and contribution. STRYKE can continue to educate and reach more youth because of you!

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Platinum Donors of $1,000-$5,000 

Al Malnik

Gold Donors of $200-$999

Phyllis McNulty

Angie Arnold

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Tundra King

Lin & David Stanton

Jennifer & William Vander May

Judi & Jeff Siegelman

Catherine Kersten

Ted Lederman

Esther Smalling

Roger 'Pops' Crane

Ida Novack


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MariAlex 'M-A' Michalakos*

Dianna Slbilly

Rozalyn Karpinski

Alexander Sutton*

Barbara & Tony Ledermen

Jill Gusko

David Ruttenberg 

Shu Lin



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*STRYKE Alumnus