More than just a competition

This past Saturday (Jan. 30th) was the kickoff of the 2016 season for both percussion ensembles. It was an early performance (10:20am, and 10:30am) in South Dade Senior High School. Both ensembles performed extremely well, SP2 scored a 68.180 and SPW scored a 72.400. But on that morning, STRYKE did something more than just compete, they inspired. 

This is a FB post Jullian Rives wrote of his experience with his godson at the SFWGA Premiere.

Adam Hatfield with Alexander after the show.

Adam Hatfield with Alexander after the show.

"Today, I took my god son, Alexander, to see Stryke Percussion at the SFWGA Premiere in Homestead, FL and something beautiful happened. This was the first time Alexander had ever seen a live percussion ensemble of this caliber in person, and I made sure to bring him up close and personal to witness the magic first hand. I'll never forget the moment when Alexander first saw Stryke play through their book as I watched his eyes lock on to them and light up with excitement, the same way I did when I saw my first DCI/WGI line in person; he began tapping his feet uncontrollably while smiling and said to me "the music is making my feet move!" LOL! Afterwards, I introduced him to two of my long time friends who perform in the Stryke World ensemble, Adam Hatfield, and Mike Roddis. To my surprise, Adam went out of his way and snagged a pair of sticks from the snare section for Alexander and he couldn't have been more excited! On the ride home, Alexander told me he wanted to learn how to play, and had me give him a lesson the moment we got back to his house. I can't even explain how powerful of a moment it was for me today to see that fire burning in his eyes, and how much it motivated me to be a better percussionist and person. I want to thank Adam, Mike, and everyone involved in Stryke Percussion personally for inspiring Alexander to become a drummer, and in general, for inspiring our newest generation of percussionists. What an honor it was to witness today unfold."

Stories and experiences like this are the many reason's we do, what we do. Our organization's objective and mission strive to make this kind of impact in our South Florida community. 

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