STRYKE 2016 Banquet

On Sunday May 15th, STRYKE members and family arrived to a beautiful custom decorated banquet to celebrate the 2016 season. The room was filled with purple balloons, streamers, custom table clothes, and even our very own custom STRYKE podium. All of the decorations were graciously donated by the Origins Colorguard. The DJ set the mood and got the party started. Everyone was severed a home cooked meal provided by the Coletto family, as well as drinks and dessert provided by our awesome STRYKE Parents.

As everyone settled into their tables, the awards presentation began. Each director of the four STRYKE ensembles presented their awards for the 2016 season. Here are the results of the awards.

STRYKE Winterguard Awards

  • Most Improved Flag - Nicole Gimmler
  • Most Improved Weapon - Savannah Wilson
  • Best Flag Performer - Joey Cassell
  • Best Weapon Performer - Brandon Chiucchi
  • Member of the Year - Ashley Wood

STRYKE Percussion 2 Awards

  • Commitment Award - Shane McGee
  • Teamwork Award - Katie Miller
  • Most Improved Visual - Zachary Langstaff
  • Most Improved Music (Battery) - Joseph Meacham
  • Most Improved Music (Front Ensemble) - Camilla Lin
  • Best Visual Performer - Kevin Molina
  • Best Musical Performer (Battery) - Tripp Jones
  • Best Musical Performer (Front Ensemble) - Dejur Kirnon
  • Rookie of the Year - Alex Motsenbocker
  • Member of the Year - Derek Watson

STRYKE Wynds Awards

  • Most Improved Visual - Melanie Trump
  • Most Improved Music (Woodwinds) - Kelby Fredrick
  • Most Improved Music (Brass) - Steven Cruz
  • Best Visual Performer - Josh Hogan
  • Best Musical Performer - Joella Dunn
  • Rookie of the Year - Josh Daniels
  • Member of the Year - Chip Collier

STRYKE Percussion Awards

  • Commitment Award - Aolani Santiago
  • Teamwork Award - Zoe Giordano
  • Most Improved Visual - Andee Jones
  • Most Improved Music (Battery) - Mason McCall
  • Most Improved Music (Front Ensemble) - Alejandro Tanquero
  • Best Visual Performer - Beethoven Arnett
  • Best Musical Performer (Battery) - Stanley Dessalines
  • Best Musical Performer (Front Ensemble) - Jonathan McGrath
  • Rookie of the Year - Adam Khan
  • Member of the Year - Adam Hatfield

The STRYKE Charm

Each individual from each ensemble was presented with the very first ever STRYKE Charm. This is a new tradition that is only given to ensemble members. 


The 2016 STRYKE Ageouts

From left to right:  Alex Siegelman    (SPW),    Bjorn Roland    (SPW),    Zoe Giordano    (SPW),    Michael Roddis    (SPW),    Beethoven Arnett    (SPW),    Jon White    (SPW),    Adam Hatfield    (SPW),    Samantha Woodward    (SWG). Not present:    Kevin Bien-Aime    (SP2)

From left to right: Alex Siegelman (SPW), Bjorn Roland (SPW), Zoe Giordano (SPW), Michael Roddis (SPW), Beethoven Arnett (SPW), Jon White (SPW), Adam Hatfield (SPW), Samantha Woodward (SWG). Not present: Kevin Bien-Aime (SP2)

The 2016 STRYKE Ageouts were presented with a special custom made STRYKE charm, representing their time, sacrifice, and loyalty to the organization.

A Poem by Will Hill

Before the banquet came to a close, Will Hill surprised everyone when he took a moment to talk about a family member we lost, as well as what this organization meant to him. He presented us with his beautiful handwritten poem.  


 "DK All the Way" 

(A tribute to Dan Kohlmann, and the Stryke Members he loved)

Allow your light to shine for an Audience
Bring GOOD to your performance
For THIS is the purest bright, people will see

To those who aspire to be in your SEAT
The light pierces the lens, with the halo of...
It Could be ME...
As they study Your Technique, 
their vision and dreams, begin to arrive complete. 

For those once Standing in your Spot
Their memories are laced with, a MUCH bigger SHOT!
As they stand and see your Light
It is the distance it covers,
that makes them FEEL right.

At the CORE of your shine
There is a RESPONSIBILITY to the Source of your dime
They watch and listen, with fear and trepidation
Soon they realize, your light is bright and CLEAR
Their Pridefull Heart swells
The GOOD in You, was developed here. 

At the fringe and depth of darkness
Your light reaches to the crest of a NEW Horizon
Continue to bring GOOD to those you touch
It will become your LEGACY
For that, you can always TRUST  

-Will Hill

The banquet concluded with a fantastic video produced by Kellie McDaniel, capturing the moments of the 2016 season. There was no better way to end the evening, showing all the joy and hard work the members put into making this an incredible season for the entire STRYKE organization.

We would like to once again thank the Origins Colorguard and all of the STRYKE Parents that made this banquet a special experience for the members to have. We couldn't have done this without you, THANK YOU!