Josh Bishop, the New Director of STRYKE Wynds!

Josh Bishop Bio.jpg

Joshua Bishop, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, raised in Hollywood, Florida, served in the United States Marine Corps as a Marine Musician (Bassoon and Saxophone instrumentalist) and was also a bassoonist for the Albany Symphony Orchestra in Albany, Ga. Josh has been teaching for 12 years, starting at South Sumter High School in Bushnell, FL, and for the past 10 years, he has served as the Director of Bands at Nova High School in Davie, FL. At Nova, he was able to make a struggling program with 15 kids in it, turn into a premier small marching band and a Superior Concert Program. In 2015, Josh decided to create the Nova Winds. Performing locally on the SFWGA Circuit, The Nova Winds became the first ever SA SFWGA Winds Champion, and eventually on to become the first ever SA WGI Winds Champion with their show "Lost in Space". Nova Winds had one more season in 2016, where they were crowned SFWGA SA Winds Champions and eventually on to Dayton, Ohio where they were awarded a Bronze Medal with their show "Fallout". Josh has a deep love for the marching and moving arts, and is looking forward to his next chapter as Director of STRYKE World Winds.