TBT: STRYKE Entertainment At The Intercontinental Hotel!

In March of 2015, STRYKE Entertainment was commissioned by COTC Events to perform the Crowne Plaza Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel (Miami, FL). The ensemble consisted of a fifteen member Drumline (five snares, two tenors, four basses, and four cymbals.) The drumine prepared their choreography, and music weeks before the event. 

At the day of the event, the performers prepared to surprise the unexpecting audience with their exciting entrance into the conference room. As the performers made their way onto the stage, each audience participant received a custom pair of drumsticks to join in on the action. The drumline closed out the conference with their high energy performance leaving the audience thrilled and amazed.

STRYKE would like to thank COTC Events for having STRYKE Entertainment take their conference up a notch. 


If you are interested in how STRYKE Entertainment can make your next event even bigger and louder, please contact us today to find out how.

WGI Interview with Ben Seidner!

WGI Interview with Ben Seidner!

Watch WGI's interview with five year STRYKE member, Ben Seidner. In his interview he discusses his role and passion of playing drumset with STRYKE Percussion. He goes on to talk about the concept of the 2015 show "Empire State" and his "age-out moment" in the show. We here at STRYKE are very proud of what Ben has been able to accomplish. We're also excited to have him come back to STRYKE as our Drumset Tech.

Look for Ben at the STRYKE16 Audition/Clinic on September 27th!