#MotivationMonday; Improve Your Sight-Reading Skills!

As the school year comes to a close and summer rolls out, STRYKE wants to motivate you to to get better during your summer break! As part of #MotivationMonday, we will be sharing articles, tutorials, and resources every monday during the summer.

We kick-off #MotivationMonday with a game, but not just any game, a Speed Note Reading Game. 

"If you’ve ever wanted to get faster at reading keyboard music (and who doesn’t?), then the “Speed Note Reading Tutor” is for you! Designed to reinforce note-naming and ‘key finding’ skills, this computer game is a fun way for beginning–intermediate students to get repetitive practice, while trying to ‘beat the clock’ and score as many points as possible."

This game was developed by Mark Wessel of Vic Firth Inc, to help students develop better sight-reading skills in a fun and encouraging environment. Put your sight-reading skills to the test and see how far you can go. Click here to get started!

Don't forget, our Annual Summer Clinic is July 16th! Click here to learn more about it!